Students Excel at Outside Sports


Photo courtesy of Jackson Barge

Student shows interest in an outside school sport, fencing.

Victor Andrade, Senior Writer

Students can join and enjoy a variety of sports in school such as tennis, softball, swimming, football,or track. Why these are the basics of high school athletics, some students compete in events outside of our building that are anything but average.

Fencing is the art of using a lightweight sword while being quick on your feet. You score points by touching your opponent with your sword. It is a unique and challenging sport that isn’t offered here at the high school. Jackson Barge, a sophomore band student, does this at the Woodland’s International Fencing Club (WIFC). 

“Basically they put you in a pool of about five to six people and you fence to five touches,” said Barge, “After that you’re seated into a bracket where you fence in direct elimination bouts, which means if you lose, then you’re out of the tournament.” 

Majority of meets in fencing offer potential scholarships and other prizes.

“I fence just because I like fencing, not really because I need an off-campus P.E. but this would be a great option for students to do as an off-campus P.E.. You can go pretty much any day of the week, so it’s a little more adaptable to your schedule. You have tournaments on the weekend, it’s not exactly required-there are people who do recreational fencing, it’s just another option you have.” 

Kaylee Baldwin a senior also in band, does barrel racing outside of school.. 

“I’ve been racing since I was little,” said Baldwin, “it runs in the family and I even have a cousin that races professionally.”

She competes every Saturday at a local club called Suburban Ranches Riding Club (SRRC).

“We have three events, poles, a mystery event, and barrels,” said Baldwin, “the main goal is to have the fastest time of the night without knocking anything.”

Sports don’t have to limited by what’s offered in school, Tomball has many opportunities for other activities if students are willing to look for them.