Farewell C Wally


Bishop Van Buren, Sports Editor

Tomball Volleyball will never be the same with Cheryl Wallace resigning from her position as head coach and plans to retire after 23 years of coaching.

Her resignation comes after her first grandchildren were born as daughter had a set of twin babies. Wallace hopes to be of assistance to her daughter and be a reliable helping hand whenever need be. This came as heartbreaking news to current players and players from the past who had the privilege of playing under her.

Wallace has led the team to multiple district championships and playoff runs, but more importantly, she has developed many strong relationships with her players. Among these are Savannah Secrest, who had a heartfelt message for her coach.

“Wallace is the glue, she holds the whole program together and keeps us on track. The kids that have had the chance to know her as a person, a coach, or a teacher are just plain lucky,” Secrest said, “Wallace is one of those coaches that pushes you daily to become better than the day before and has developed so many close relationships.”

The girls volleyball also left a heartfelt gift for their now-former coach.

“Us volleyball girls have called Coach Wallace ‘C Wally’ since we can even remember, even wanting her to have her grandbabies call her that. Because of this, we all jumped at the opportunity to call her that one more time when we got her a cookie cake that read ‘We Love You C Wally.”

Coach Wallace will be missed among players, students, and friends alike and we wish her the best of luck in retirement.