Volleyball bound for playoffs as season winds down


Bishop Van Buren, Sports Editor

The volleyball team has had an impressive season so far, having already clinched a playoff spot with only two more games to go.

Currently 11-2, our Cougars sit in 2nd place behind the undefeated Kingwood Park. As playoffs draw nearer, the girls look to their possible match-ups.

With Tomball being second place in the District 20-5A standings, and looking as if they’ll hold their position until playoffs start, they will play District 19’s 2nd place team in the first round of playoffs. Who that will be, however, is still uncertain.

“We’re either gonna play Brenham or College Station, I think they are tied for 2nd place in their district.” Assistant Coach Hannah Jones said. “They’re both pretty tough teams and we’ll have to make sure we bring our A game.”

Brenham and College Station both have 8-2 district records, but Brenham has the better overall record, boasting 25 wins to College Station’s 21.