Coogs beat PNG and the heat

Bishop Van Buren, Sports editor

Tomball pulled off an amazing upset over #3 ranked PNG on a hot and sunny afternoon last Saturday, a unique change from the usual friday night games. And a game full of highlights and… Sweat, sunburns, and more sweat.

Harmony Lopez, one of the TCP band’s drum majors, suffered through the intense heat in the stands.

“It was so hot,” Lopez said, “I mean really, really hot. We had extra water and we had to go back to the school and wait in the lower lobby for a bit as a cool down period. But hey, at least I got my summer tan back.”

“We were all kind of overwhelmed at first because the heat was affecting us too, we had to run around so much giving everyone water so they can stay hydrated that we sometimes forget to hydrate ourselves,” athletic trainer Hannah Sprague said. ”But luckily we were still able to get to anyone who needed help.”

The heat was visibly affecting player’s performances, causing it to be a high scoring game due to both defenses being tired and worn out. One player who didn’t let this affect him though was Brady Cox, a senior defensive tackle who an outstanding one handed interception.

“It was definitely the play of the game, if not the season,” junior Kyle Eslick said, “It pumped our whole team and as a major factor in us winning.”

Hopefully this will be the last game this season in which heat plays such a big role, as fall is rapidly approaching.