Basketball rivalry game on Friday the 13th

Darius Taylor (12th) making a lay-up

Sarah Bieker

Darius Taylor (12th) making a lay-up

Charlie Bose, Sports Editor

The Coogs are going on the prowl against their rival, the Wildcats.

“We’ve haven’t won against Memorial since the schools split.” Landon Miller (11th) said, “but this year it’s very likely we’re going to beat them.”

THS basketball is doing very well this year, winning nearly every game they’ve played. Girl’s basketball is also doing well.

Boy’s basketball is competing at Tomball Memorial with both Freshmen teams playing at 4:00, JV at 5:30, and Varsity at 7:00.

Meanwhile, Girl’s basketball is competing at the home front. Freshmen & JV girl’s are playing at 5:00 and Varsity is playing at 6:30.

So Friday the 13th might just be the Cougars’ lucky day.