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School spirit shortage: Andres Strauss

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Dear Editor, 

My main concern involves the football games. The student section in this high school is very poor. I believe the reason it is so poor is because of the rules the administration gives us. The staff is always pushing for more school spirit and you are always asking why students don’t seem to dress up or go to all the games/pep rallies. My old high school in Virginia was notorious for school spirit, despite having a football team with a 3-7 record and a football team that has never been to the state tournament. The reason for all of this spirit was because there weren’t many rules for the student section or rules on dress up days for dress code. The student section should be allowed to have paint, powder, and a very limited dress code. Also, the pep rallies should be longer and more fun and more involved with the students. 


Andres Strauss

Dear Andres,

First of all, I completely agree with you. We should be allowed to exercise school spirit in a fun, positive way. If no one is being hurt or offended, what is the problem?! Other schools in area are known for having super hype student sections, and I would love nothing more than to emulate their spirit. In my opinion, I believe the reason for the student section restrictions is a result of past problems. Students have brought powder, noisemakers, and confetti to football games in previous years, and it may have gotten out of hand. Also, students aren’t likely to clean up their mess. However, despite this fear of chaos, the student body should be allowed to bring paint and powder to football games.

With regards to lack of participation in dress up days, I feel as though the root of this problem stems from the fact that no one wants to seem “uncool.” People here are so afraid of judgement and they think that dressing up for dress-up days will make them appear lame. I, however, think that the people who don’t dress up are the ones who are lame. Show some school spirit for goodness’ sake!

Thank you for writing,

Sam Abrahams

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School spirit shortage: Andres Strauss