Times demand return of print edition

Cougar Claw Staff

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Our school has been through a lot this year.

We have coped with drama and basked in accolades. In some cases, the news, positive and critical, has spread beyond the corner of Zion and Quinn.

Throughout this past year (as well as years prior), The Cougar Claw has been there. We’ve covered  the Black Lives Matter movement , administrative transitions, and athletic wins and losses.

The need for quality high school journalism here at home is as crucial as ever.

In recent months, the media has been under scrutiny for a little thing called “fake news.” Readers can’t always tell the reliability of a source anymore because many posts and links and programs can be biased or outright untrue.

Because of this perception, the staff here at The Cougar Claw feels it necessary to revive our print edition.

We want to remind students that not everything produced by journalists is falsified or exaggerated for attention or clicks.

We want students and faculty to understand that what we produce is reliable and fair. We provide the truth, no matter the consequence.

Here at The Cougar Claw, we believe in the importance of unity. Everybody has their different ideas and opinions, and that is okay. Our diversity, in all aspects, makes us stronger.

Our online presence will continue to grow and bring you up-to-the-minute news about our campus and community, as it has since the Cougar Claw newspaper began printing in the 1960s.

Our print edition, in its revival, will dig deeper and provide for you an in-depth source of information to keep you in the know.

As always, go Cougars. We are The Pride of Texas.

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