Opinion: Schools should respect all religions during the holidays


Lauryn Olivarez

Decorating a Christmas tree during a time when many other cultures celebrate

Emma Parada, Opinion Editor

The winter season is made up of many different cultural and religious practices. So why do schools generally only mention and decorate for Christmas? When it comes to the holidays, schools should be more inclusive, and make the effort to acknowledge the cultural/religious traditions of other students. By educating students and encouraging inclusivity during the holidays, those who feel as if they don’t fit in because of their religion would feel more accepted.

Students who don’t participate in Christmas might feel discouraged when walking into the school and seeing a huge Christmas tree in the entryway. While the majority of people in the United States are Christian, there is still a large percentage of people who are not. When religious traditions aren’t seen as much in a school environment, students feel like they won’t be able to fit in with everyone else.

By educating students on the different religions that might be celebrated during this time, students will feel more accepted and included.  Not only would it expand their knowledge, but it would also help them understand those religions and learn how to respect those different practices. This would result in a growing generation of students becoming respectable, professional, and open-minded adults.

Some might argue that the majority of students are Christian, so why should the school change for only a couple of students? They don’t have to change everything, just be more inclusive. Yes, it might only be a couple of students, but those students and their backgrounds are important. They should be included when it comes to the school acknowledging their differences and including their religions.

Overall, schools increasing the inclusivity of religions would help society grow as a whole. If students are growing up and learning how to treat others who have different beliefs, then it would shape those students into well-respecting adults. Schools should respect different celebrations during the holidays by either acknowledging all of them or none of them; it is unfair to focus on one religion and not care, or even mention the others.