Opinion: Guilt tipping


Ava Bert

When paying, many places now use tablets that give you the option to set a tipping amount (or not).

Lauryn Olivarez, Editor-in-Chief

Tipping you, for the bare minimum? No way!

The pressure to tip is getting heavier, and I’m cracking under its weight. You see, I have no problem with tipping when the service was great. My issue arises when it comes to self-serve places, such as frozen yogurt shops, or for simply ringing out my order.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on people with bad attitudes.

If you’re chatting me up while taking my order, congratulations, you’ve just earned a 20% tip. But if you’re looking at me like I’ve ruined your entire day by ordering a cheese quesadilla, it’s out of the question, babe.

Let’s use the lovely little taco joint, Torchy’s, for example. Great food, but the service (there is none)? Look, I’m not one to complain. Actually, I usually keep my mouth shut when my order is wrong. However, you’re asking for a tip when I’m grabbing my own drink, seating myself, and cleaning off my own table? Absolutely not. Let me make it known: I do not mind doing all of these things, but not when I’m guilted to tip for it.

When it comes to paper receipts, it’s easier to leave (or not to leave) a tip, since you’re not actively being watched over. However, when I go to places that shove an iPad in my face, I swear it feels like they’re staring into my soul, silently judging me for selecting the “No Tip” button. I promise I’m not doing it to spite you and make you suffer. I just don’t think putting my burrito bowl in a bag constitutes a reward. Sorry, not sorry.

Maybe if businesses paid their employees more, tipping wouldn’t be an issue! Why is it my responsibility to make up for employers’ lack of care?

Bottom line: Self service? Where’s my tip?