Opinion: Limiting travel for spring break

Desi Beireis , Senior Writer

Spring break is just around the corner and with it comes a very stressful time due to the possible spread of COVID-19 as well as many families trying to figure out if they want to travel during this time.

As we head into this spring break, students should remember to make smart choices so that schools remain open, sports can continue, and the community stays safe.

Following Christmas break, there was a drastic spike in the positive COVID-19 cases at school due to families planning vacations and gathering to celebrate the holidays with large groups.

The amount of positive cases has since dropped during January, but with spring break approaching swiftly, it is advised that students and their families remain cautious.

Many students are planning on going out of town on spring break or going to the beach to have fun with their friends and family. Going to a crowded beach or restaurant, as well as travelling on planes could increase the chances of you contracting COVID-19, as well as increase the spread of the virus.

There are also many fun activities to do over spring break that are more COVID safe.  Finding an empty section of a beach or lake, going boating with your family, or having a game night with only a few friends can help you have a fun and safe break.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that some that get COVID-19 never actually realize it due to being asymptomatic. Exposing yourself to less people over the break is the safest option for everyone.

The safest way to travel or spend time with others, if you choose to, is by wearing a mask at all times, social distancing, and using hand sanitizer consistently throughout the day.