Opinion: Artificial tops real Christmas Trees

Victor Andrade, Senior Writer

Ahh, the Christmas tree. An iconic piece of the holidays you start to see once we hit December and even as early as November, as everywhere and every home has at least one Christmas tree. But people always come down to the same decision of whether or not they should get an artificial tree or a real one. Here’s why you should probably go with an artificial/fake tree this time around. 

Artificial trees come in all sizes and colors, ranging from the standard green to a bright pink or blue. You don’t have to go all the way to a Christmas tree farm but can go to any store near you.

 It’s also simpler to pick out and buy compared to buying a real tree with a limited selection. Real trees can also be messy and always need care so that they actually last until Christmas. 

Artificial trees are just so easy to store and pick right up for next year’s Christmas rather than having to go out and spend more money on a real tree that’s only going to last the month and a half. Also with the fact that we’re fighting climate change, an artificial tree that will last years and saves trees from being cut down trees when we could save them to help us fight with climate change. 

While sure a real tree can bring the “magical feeling of Christmas” it doesn’t bring much besides the fact that it’s a real tree. An artificial tree is an easy alternative and nobody really cares if the tree is a real one.

Artificial Christmas trees are just superior to real ones.