PDA: Public Display of Atrocity

Jenna Jaffray, News Editor

“Roses are red, violets are blue, in the hallways, please don’t kiss your boo.”

Ah, yes, the infamous PDA, or Public Displays of Affection. You see it. You know it. You hate it.

If I’m cruising through the hallway, and I see you smacking lips with your “forever love” who you’ll probably just dump in a few months, yes, I’m going to be slightly repulsed. I might even throw up a tiny bit in my mouth.

It’s gross. I’ve been at lunch, just eating my food and chatting up my friends when suddenly I’ll look up and BAM there it is again. It makes my delicious food I’ve been looking forward to all day that much less appetizing. I don’t need you to flaunt your relationship in my face, thank you very much. Lunch shouldn’t be about tasting the inside of someone else’s mouth.
And in the hallways, it’s even worse. I don’t care if you’re holding hands with you girlfriend or boyfriend, so long as there is no groping involved (goodness knows no one wants to see that). I don’t even care if you give them a quick hug before or after class.
But if you think it’s okay to be smooching for the entirety of the 5 minutes we get between classes, take a step back buddy.

You’re going to see them in 50 minutes, so stop pretending like they’re your long lost love that’s about to go away to some war and you may never see them again.

Just stop.

This is high school. You probably won’t be with your self-proclaimed “love of your life” forever, sweetie. We all know that your “one and only” is soon going to be someone else’s “one and only.” And if you’re one of the very few that make it through high school with the same significant other, then good job, I guess. But still, no one wants to see your passionate make out sesh on the way to their Chemistry class.

Is it really worth it to have to get told off for excessive PDA by your math teacher that you’re going to see in two periods? Now that’s just embarrassing. And don’t forget that teens gossip, and you’ll be the next topic of conversation.

So maybe next time you want to show your affection to your “love,” save it for when you’re alone. Or, at least, please save it for out of school. We want our eyes to be spared.