Student Perspective: Cougar Block


THS Bell Schedule

Jenna Jaffray, News Editor

Let’s be real: We all love Cougar Block. The teachers love it. The students love it.  

Every time they would stop Cougar Block for even a single day last year I’d hear so many complaints from students about how they wouldn’t be as productive during the school day and how Cougar Block was such a great schedule. 

And sure, some students do take advantage of Cougar Block in the wrong way. They’ll go to lunch for both blocks, they won’t be productive at all, or they’ll mess around for the hour they’re supposed to be getting schoolwork done. 

But honestly, most students are doing exactly what they’re supposed to, and even going above and beyond. There’s been so many new clubs and more participation in all of these clubs because students are getting more access to them. 

I know I joined upwards of 5 clubs last year, and only stayed after school occasionally because all the meetings were during blocks. It was nice to be so involved and yet still have so much free time. 

Also, tutoring is more readily available. My mom is a teacher, so I know how busy teachers’ schedules can get, so Cougar Block is a fantastic resource for them, too. They aren’t having to stay after school for tutoring as many days of the week, and can get work done during that time too. Students can go in for a quick question during block or stay and get helpful tutoring sessions during the school day. 

And even on the days I wasn’t going to any meetings or tutorials, I could find a quiet classroom to study or do homework that I knew I’d have no motivation to do once I got home. Then, when I got home, I was able to exercise, help cook dinner, and take my dog for a walk, and still have time to do my reduced amount of homework. 

But, with anything that’s good, there’s always a bad aspect. Freshman still aren’t on the block schedule, and are stuck with A lunch and an advisory period. While most of the upperclassmen are probably glad they don’t see any freshman during blocks, freshmen are still high schoolers with a significant workload. It also hinders their ability to join as many clubs as they may want, seeing as they’re limited to those offered during B Block (or, what’s now called C Block). 

Another problem is the sign in. Although it doesn’t directly affect how much everyone likes Cougar Block, it does determine whether or not we keep the schedule. It was hard for me to remember to sign in wherever I went, because normally the QR code wasn’t right in my face. And while the teachers whose classrooms I went to did do a good job reminding everyone, there are always exceptions and cases when we just forget. 

I know this year they’re making us fill out a schedule for where we’ll be going for every block for the whole week, and I understand the purpose of it. However, most students will text their friends and see where they want to meet up for block the period before. 

And, of course, Character Strong. I think everyone understands that objectively, Character Strong is a good idea. It’s supposed to teach values and morals that high school students tend to forget and neglect. But honestly, no one is a huge fan of it. It just seems like a boring lecture with a topic that belongs in elementary school. 

So, yes, we’re all a big advocate for Cougar Block. Even with a few downsides, the students and staff alike would rather keep it than get rid of it.