Volunteering is for more than the served


Courtesy of Cougars for a Cause

Cougars for a Cause officers.

Madalyn Botello, Staff Writer

Community service is usually seen as a punishment, something you’re forced to do after you do something bad or because it would look good on a college application. Since most people see it that way it can be hard to come up with any reason, other than absolute necessity, to volunteer for community service. This opinion is why so many people fail to recognize the amazing ways it can humble people and make them think about their own lives.

There are many charity organizations that send out teens and kids to different volunteer opportunities, Charity organizations like National Chartity League and others are great opportunities to start helping people and your community. They volunteer at places like retirement homes, local children’s museums, food pantries, Meals On Wheels, Interfaith organizations like clothing stores, and TOPS Soccer.

The work that volunteers do dramatically help people who can’t afford food or are unable to pick it up, charities like Meals On Wheels and the Interfaith Food Pantry help provide food for the elderly and homeless.

If you are more interested in interacting with people special events at the local Children’s museums, bingo at retirement homes or TOPS Soccer are the best places for you to be. These charities are for kids, the elderly who don’t get many visitors and special needs kids who just love to let loose and have fun.

Another opportunity to be around people and work is the Interfaith Hand-Me-Up shop, which provides bargain clothes, toys, books, and housewares objects like silverware and plates, as well as jewelry,  for lower-income families.          

There are some incredible charity organizations that have volunteer options for teenagers, some are even clubs you can join during Cougar Block, like Cougars for a Cause, which helps to provide food and school supplies for children from third world countries.

Volunteering is an enlightening experience, and not just for the people or organizations being served. The volunteer gets as much out of the experience as the person they are helping. There is an overwhelming feeling of pride, joy, and humbleness that comes from serving people and expecting nothing in return.