Salvation Army key to happy holidays for some

Destiny Eisterhold, Opinion Editor

The holiday season calls for a time to give back to your community. Every year, people around our community all come together and give different items to several charities. Giving back has many different opportunities, some options can be as simple as giving toys to children who won’t have as good of a Christmas as some kids, or giving money to families that are in need.

The Salvation Army have opened their doors for many people ever since 1865. They, along with other organizations strives to meet human needs without discrimination. The Salvation Army helps many families who are less fortunate than other and who may need extra support to give their families a great Christmas.

The Salvation Army also gives the opportunity to many volunteers who want to give back to anyone who needs the help that the center provides. The Salvation Army also takes many forms of donations including: furniture, clothing, used goods, money, or becoming  fundraiser.

Giving back to your community is part of what makes the holiday season so special. Helping others brings the community closer together and gives a true sense of what the Christmas spirit should be. Even if you don’t have the means to give as much as you would like to, giving what you can is appreciated and greatly impacts those who need it.       

Organizations like the Salvation Army give us a great example to follow, not only during the holidays but year round, to give to those in need.