Looking back at Theater’s year


Jamie Rowe

Member of Clue being surprised from the mystery

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Tomball Stage presented several plays this school year, with a packed house for each show. With the end of the year approaching, let’s review the program’s hard work.

Steel Magnolias 
Tomball Stage began with a bang as they presented Steel Magnolias in September. Steel Magnolias was presented beautifully onstage with decorative sets, lighting, and phenomenal acting featuring an all female cast.

“Steel Magnolias really took the audience on an emotional journey,” Director Cynthia Hearn said. “We had a really amazing experience with this show.”

The play focuses on six southern women, one of them being Shelby Eatenton. Shelby has dealt with diabetes for most of her life, and it has always been a significant concern for herself and her family. As she gets married and has a child, she must face her growing health concerns with the other five women fully supporting her in her struggles.

Another astonishing performance was Clue. The play is based on the popular board game containing seven outstanding characters, each with their own peculiar backstory. After their host’s untimely death, the guests must discover who dunnit. Ultimately, the killer is revealed, but only after killing many more characters involved in the storyline. The acting and active sets left the audience mesmerized. Yet again, Tomball Stage presented another breathtaking performance.


The UIL One-act-play was a mind-blowing performance. By the Bog of Cats features Hester Swane, a deranged divorcee whose only true priority is taking care of her daughter.

After a series of disturbing events caused by several of the characters, Hester and the other characters fall into a downward spiral. The audience was left with chills from Naomi Chad (Hester Swane), Judah Bowles (Karthage Killbride- a.k.a Hester’s ex-husband), and Jordyn Till (Josie Swane), alongside all of the other actors.

This was an incredibly memorable performance that advanced deep into state competition.

Night of Scenes

Closing off with the last productions by Tomball Stage, we see the end of another year. Night of Scenes came out with a bang featuring eleven outstanding skits.

Each of them had its own unique plot and incredible characters. Ten were comedies and one was a drama. Unlike any other performance of the year this one was in the Black Box and had a smaller audience than ever.

Despite this, the room was still filled with laughs and joy as each skit was presented. Finishing off this year with these scenes is the best thing the seniors of Tomball Stage could ask for.

As they celebrate the end of four years, others also cherish the years that are to come for the underclassmen. Tomball Stage looks forward to seeing every member of the company again next year and welcomes any more students willing to join.