Too many absences to exempt? Hardship form now available


Finale exam schedule

Saige Klein, Creativity Corner

With the spring semester wrapping up, spring final exams are right around the corner.

According to the Final Exam Exemption Policy on page 62 of the Student/Parents Handbook,

  • a student must miss no more than four days in the fall semester, and…
  • no more than three days in the spring, with a total of seven days in order to be exempt.
  • They must also have no more than 10 tardies.

Despite this rule, in extreme cases, students may qualify to apply for Attendance Hardship Form. This form allows students to submit for the Attendance Hardship Committee to review their case and make a decision regarding if a waiver can be applied.

The deadline to submit this form is May 5. The forms can be picked up and returned to the principal’s office.