Powder Puff game tonight


Rane Paulson

Coaches for the White Team are confident about their chances.

Emma Parada, Features Editor

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After two weeks of hard work and dedication, the annual Powder Puff game is today at  6:30 p.m. at the school stadium.

The teams are fired up and are ready to compete against each other in a good, clean game of flag football. But football isn’t the only form of entertainment, look out for the cheerleaders who have worked so hard to cheer on their players.

Both head coaches are very confident in how their teams have improved and they are ready to go head-to-head to prove which team is truly better. Head coach for the white team, Carson Monrad, has had difficulties teaching his players how to play football but he took a chance and believes in his players.

“Even if we happen to lose, somehow, the experience has been awesome,” Monrad said. “I learned how hard it is to coach people who don’t know football.”

Working as a team is important when playing football, red team’s head coach, Christian Womack, knows that and is proud of his team for wanting to learn about the game. With hard work and some fun, this team is prepared to do their best and still have fun.

“I’m really confident in the team,” Womack said. “We’ve taken the initiative to want to learn more of the game of football and continue to have fun and enjoy each other’s presence.”