Powder puff approaching


Lauren Nolen

The annual Powderpuff showcase is March 30. The basis of powderpuff is to switch gender roles, girls playing football and guys as cheerleaders. In the game it is white team vs red team. All profit from powderpuff is put towards project prom.

Coaches for powderpuff are as follows.

Red Team

Head coach: Christian Womack

  • Eli Poff
  • Blaine Murphy
  • Taj Rodgers
  • EJ Ball

White Team

Head coach: Carson Monrad

  • Asa Daniel
  • Abram Nicklas
  • Connor Demo
  • Carlos Alvarado

Practices start right after spring break with those dates being March 21, 22, 23, 27, 28 and 29. To participate you need to attend at least 4 practices.