Night of Percussion is tonight


Senior Wyatt Hollingsworth performing “The Red Thread”

Natalia Martinez, News Editor

The TCP Percussion is holding its annual Night of Percussion tonight at 7 pm in the THS auditorium.

This concert is a collection of ensembles performed from grades 6-12 to showcase their talents and musical growth.

“Being able to connect and reach out to people I haven’t met before.” said Freshman Ginger Tietjen, “There’s something about sharing what I personally feel to others without saying a thing that just makes performing worth the effort.”

The schedule for the performances is below:

  • Vector – Diego Calderon, Ryan Piepho, Jenna Mathes, Mason Hill, Nick Burnham, Emmaline Conner, Lily Theobald, Brandy Bridenstine, Nathan Gandy, Bruno Garcia, Arav Mehta, & Bryce Matthews
  • Ghost Garden Solo Marimba– Ginger Tietjen
  • Scuttlebutt – TJH
  • Double Take – Diego Calderon and Ryan Piepho
  • De Novo Solo Marimba – Jenna Mathes
  • Berserker – Wyatt Hollingsworth, Natalia Martinez, Braden Soetart, Josalyn Escobedo, & Jake Dixon FT. Dr Brian Zator
  • William Tell Overture – TJH 7th Graders
  • Breakdown – Wyatt Hollingsworth, William Klein, Ginger Tietjen, & Carmen Lee
  • Release the Beginners – CPJH & TIS 6th Graders
  • Equal Fire – Mason Hill, Nick Burnham, Jenna Mathes, Emmaline Conner, Arav Mehta, & Lily Theobald
  • Dance of Passions Solo Marimba – Assistant Director David Curtis
  • Crown of Thorns – Wyatt Hollingsworth, Natalia Martinez, Braden Soetart, Josalyn Escobedo, Jake Dixon, William Klein, Ginger Tietjen, & Carmen Lee
  • First Mile Flames – Brandy Bridenstine, Nathan Gandy, Bryce Matthews, & Bruno Garcia
  • Suite No. 1 – CPJH
  • The Red Thread – Tomball Indoor Percussion Group

These Groups have been practicing their ensembles since Mid-December and will record them for the PASIC competition. This contest is the Percussion Arts Society International Convention, one of the largest drum and percussion events in the world.