Blaine Murphy crowned Mr. Debonair


Rane Paulson

The crown is presented to the new Mr. Debonair.

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

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Blaine Murphy was named Mr. Debonair for the 2023 competition. The competition took place in the THS auditorium on Wednesday as 14 senior boys showcased talents, beauty, and congeniality.

The contestants were brought onto the stage by their escorts, where a brief description of them was given.

The contestants participating in the show were: 

  • Monib Ehtesham
  • Jake Emmert
  • Brennan Wood
  • Brady Jenson
  • Zach Slayden
  • Jackson Lambert
  • Collin Frank
  • Dane Tribe
  • Parker Brown
  • Connor Demetropolis
  • Blaine Murphy
  • Abram Nicklas
  • Tucker Schiel
  • Hayden Bradshaw
  • Dalton Chaney

After everyone was introduced, the acts took place, and following a short intermission, the top 6 finalists were announced:

  • Brady Jensen
  • Collin Frank
  • Hayden Bradshaw
  • Blaine Murphy
  • Monib Ehtesham
  • Tucker Schiel

Five other awards were also given out:

  • Best Hair (Hayden Bradshaw)
  • Best Smile (Dalton Chaney)
  • Best Legs (Dane Tribe)
  • Best Eyes (Jackson Lambert)
  • Mr. Congeniality (Hayden Bradshaw)

If you were unable to attend yesterday, check out our recap of the night above.