Threaded to the top – Indoor Percussion levels up and earns first place


Courtesy of Tomball Indoor Percussion

Tomball Indoor Percussion with their first place trophy

Natalia Martinez, News Editor

Last Saturday, Tomball Indoor Percussion won first place at the Pasadena Memorial Contest. They competed against six other high schools.

Receiving a score of 82.3 out of 100, they tied with ShindeStrack Percussion Ensemble for Overall 4th Place of the whole competition.

“I’m so proud of the groups and extremely happy we got first place to prove how hard we’ve worked on our show.” said Sophomore Josalyn Escobedo.

Due to their performance, judges at the competition have moved them up from Concert A to Open Class.

The main difference between Concert A and Open Class is the musical and technical skills of the performers. Concert A is a more basic musical and technical challenged, while Open Class is intermediate musical and technical skills with the programs and orchestration incorporated with limited high level concepts.

Their next contest, WGI Katy, is being held at the Leonard E. Merrell Center with Tomball performing at 12:30 PM for Prelims, this Saturday. Their Finals time is decided at the contest.

  • Prelim Ticket: $15
  • Finals Ticket: $18
  • Bundle for both: $26