Library kicks off 15-book Challenge


Library’s 15 book challenge

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

The library began its 15-book challenge this week.

There will be a bookmark with all the available books presented on the starting date, alongside with that you can visit the TAYSHAS website to see the available books online. Please note that some of the books on the list are unavailable due to age restrictions, speak with librarian Lindsay Nalley to learn more.

If students read three books, they are awarded a specific type of ducky, and if they read 15 books there will be a party with food.

There is also a list of the Top 10 recommended books for high school readers, including:

  • Abuela Don’t Forget Me by Ogle, Rex
  • Fadeaway by Vickers, E.B
  • Full Flight by Schumacher, Ashley
  • How Moon Fuentez  in Love with the Universe by Gilliland, Raquel
  • I Must Betray You by Sepetys, Ruta
  • Letters to a Young Athlete by Bosh, Chris
  • The Silence That Binds Us by Ho, Joanna
  • The Weight of Blood by Jackson, Tiffany D
  • Tonight We Rule the World by Smedley, Zack
  • We Can Be Heroes by McCauley, Kyrie

Visit the school library to check out these novels.