A Scientific Success: District hosts science fair

Vanessa Lezama, Staff Writer

After weeks of preparation and meetings, TISD students from all grade levels participated in the District Science fair last Thursday. 

The main objective was to develop an effective and useful creation that could be used to better one’s everyday life, or simply to engage others in science. Students created impressive inventions that were designed to solve a problem while simultaneously having a positive impact on people and society as a whole.

The awards ceremony commenced at 6:30 p.m., and the students did not fail to impress. First place was rewarded to Eshan Jolly and John Lezama, freshmen at Tomball High School, with their ‘Reconnected: An Interactive Approach to Increasing Medication Adherence in Elderly Patients Through An Emotional Connection’ project. 

“Despite the long hours and hard work, it was all completely worth it,” the boys agreed.

Jolly and Lezama’s project was created with the intention of making life easier for the elderly. The duo created both a website and physical machine which is able to dispense pills at specific times programmed by the user in order to meet their needs. The boys have chosen to advance in the competition and participate in the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston on Feb. 11.

Jennifer Adams, the district’s Director of Science, was extremely proud of all participants with their impressive, useful, and captivating creations.