Go watch Tomball Stage’s production of Clue!


Jaime Rowe

Tomball Stage year coming to an end

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Based on Hasbro’s original mystery board game Clue, the new production of the play, is out now. Clue is an astounding production based on six peculiar guests invited to the house of a man named Watson. Mysteriously Watson is killed and the six guests are left to solve the clues of Wadsworth’s death. They must find who killed him in what room and with what weapon.

Starting Nov. 10 through Nov. 14 (not including Sunday) the production of Clue is available. Tickets are available on the Tomball Stage website and those who apply for a stage pass will have a discount on all tickets hosted by Tomball Stage.

The production starts at 7:00p.m and all participants in Clue must arrive around the times of 5:00 and 5:30. In entering the lobby you must show an usher your tickets and you can buy food and drinks at the concession stands. However, no person is allowed to bring meals or refreshments inside the auditorium. If they do, they’ll be escorted outside the hall until they confiscate their items.

Tomball Stage is grateful for all who attend the production of Clue and all are welcome to attend.