Library changes Cougar Block policy


Gabriel Younce

A new sign explains the rules for visiting the library during Cougar Block.

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

New librarian Lindsay Nalley has changed the Cougar Block policy requiring a weekly pass. Beforehand, she only needed a day pass for Cougar Block in the library. However, there were many complications with that policy.

“It was getting a little bit crazy. I would have a long line of students waiting for passes and invariably I would run out of passes and students would become frustrated,” Nalley said.

Now you must go up to the library and scan a QR code to access the weekly Cougar Block pass survey. On the survey, you will answer a series of questions including your name, ID, and your reason for requiring a pass. In the end, you will also answer a series of requirements with yes or no answers (note: if you answer no to any of these questions you will be unlikely to receive the pass).

There are rules for anyone in library. For example, students are not allowed to sit in between bookshelves and they must eventually return their library books.

“I will look for students that I know have expressed an interest and understand the expectations and are planning to use the space for studying, reading, or other activities,” said Nalley “,My two biggest expectations are that we are not disruptive. [People] should also not be disrespectful to me and others.”

In the end, if you follow all of the expectations and requirements for the library you will always be welcome. The library is a calm environment for students to study and read peacefully. There you can play games, read your favorite books, and study with friends.

“I love that students are excited to come to the library for cougar block and I’m delighted that I get to offer that option to them,” Nalley said.