Choir students joining Hundred-X Fundraiser

Hundred-X Logo

Hundred-X Logo

Katherine Holland, Staff Writer

For the entire month of October, the choirs will be participating in a Hundred-X fundraiser to earn money this year. Many people prefer Hundred-X fundraisers over other ways of getting money for the school, and for one simple reason: Students don’t have to sell anything and contributors don’t pay a dime.

All the participators have to do is answer survey questions. For every question answered, their department gets more money, and every student can answer up to 75 questions.

The choir directors urge their students to participate, stating that it’s easier to participate in than most money-raising devices, because nobody has to pay to support the program. If everyone in the choir does their questions, they will have the chance to earn $120 per student.

That money will be put towards contest entrance fees, new sheet music, supplies and necessities for the classroom, and other events for the choir students and staff.