Student Level Change dates announced


Gabriel Younce

Deadlines are approaching for those wanting to drop from advanced to on-level classes.

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Starting Sept. 6 student Level Change Dates are coming up. These will range from Sept. 6-9 and they will start again on Sept. 26 and end on Sept. 30. You can change any advanced class to a level class. This includes DC, AP, and TAP.

Sign-ups for change dates can be found on a QR code posted on the walls. These can be found almost anywhere, especially in TAP, AP, and DC classrooms. Students should also make sure that they discuss their thoughts about changes with a teacher before finalizing their decisions.

If there is any information that cannot be given by a teacher make sure to find a counselor and ask them about any questions you are unsure about. Counselors can be found in the Counselor Hallway and occasionally at tables during lunch periods.