Recent incident calls for increased safety awareness


Natalia Martinez

Safety Poster

Natalia Martinez, News Editor

Safety is taught everywhere you go, whether you’re at home, school, or at the grocery store, there are many protocols that are set in place.

Recently, a TSA student, waiting for their bus to arrive, was approached by a stranger asking if they wanted a ride to school. The student did not engage with the person and made it to school safely.  Although the student was not harmed, it led many parents and students to worry about their children’s safety.

“When I first heard about what happened to that student, I got spooked because it always seems to be something that happens in movies,” sophomore Christina Rodriguez said.

Many people only follow basic safety rules because they believe it is “unnecessary” or that it “would never happen to me.” These types of mindsets can eventually lead to someone or hurt.

Here are some basic safety rules:

  • Wear a seatbelt when driving and when you are just a passenger.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times, whether it be cars and/or people’s behaviors
  • Be cautious of your environment, and if something looks/feels sketchy stop and go the other way.
  • Always let at least one person know where you’re going, with who, and around what time you will be back.
  • Stay in lit areas when traveling in the evenings.
  • Be cautious of what you post on social media.

“My number one bit of advice would be, don’t post your location on social media,” said campus police officer Courtnay White. “You never know who is going to see it and what could happen to you.”