Still haven’t asked? Promposal Ideas



2022 Senior Picnic Ballons

Natalia Martinez, News Editor

Prom is coming up right around the corner, meaning the time to ask someone is shortly closing.

Here are some fun and creative ways, that relate to the fire and ice theme, for a promposal.

  • “Will you be the Lava-girl to my Shark-boy and say yes to prom?” and vise versa.
  • “I’ll be the bread boy if you’ll be my Girl On Fire and go to prom with me.”

If you want something more personal to the person you are asking, then consider all their favorite things and ask using those.

  •  Using lyrics from their favorite singer is always a heartfelt way to go. For example, if they adore Harry Styles you could go along the lines of “All the lights couldn’t put out how lucky I’d be  if you said yes to prom.”
  • TV shows or movies, especially if you know their favorite character/s. If they like Spiderman you can go along the lines of “Will you be my MJ and swing over to Prom with me?”
  • Favorite Flowers can also create a big moment. “We’d be so blooming at prom if you say yes”

Prom one of the last high schools nights for Seniors. It should be a special night, so go for it ask them to prom.