Options available to help ongoing Ukrainian crisis


The flag of Ukraine.

Sydney Thomas-Arnold, Staff Writer

With the Ukrainian crisis continuing on, people are wondering what they can do to help those in need. Though being across the world, there are still many ways to help Ukraine during this time.

Donating to charity can be impactful no matter the amount of money donated. This money provides important resources to refugees like food, water, fresh clothes, etc. Examples of verified charities working to help Ukraine include:

One of the most vital and easy things to do to show support is to simply stay up to date and educate on the crisis. Understanding the situation is important as it spreads awareness. Media regarding the Ukrainian crisis and it’s history include:

  •  Associated Press (click here): This is a great news outlet that provides constant and unbiased media coverage on the ongoing situation
  • “Winter on Fire”, Netflix documentary: This provides great context on the Revolution of Dignity and previous issues between Ukraine and Russia
  • “The Daily”, NYT podcast (click here): Though not exclusively covering Ukraine, this podcast has still been covering very specific important events and people involved in the crisis. A new episode is released everyday on music streaming services.