Exam exemption and Hardship cases


THS Administration

The Spring 2022 Final Exam schedule has been released.

Desi Beireis, Web Editor

Exams are coming up soon and there is a lot of uncertainty about how the hardship cases work.

Hardship forms to appeal the number of absences you have will be available April 25-May 6, from the principal’s office.

“If you were sick and have doctors notes or whatever the case may be please consider using a hardship form,” said Associate Principal Mark Vierkant.

Some of the requirements for exam exemptions include:

  • No more than 4 absences the first semester and 3 the second semester no matter if they are excused or unexcused.
  • Must be present in your classes on the day of the semester review¬†
  • Must have no more than 1 day of ISS per semester
  • No OSS or AEP at all during the school year

Academic Requirements include (based on courses you are currently enrolled in):

  • In any courses other than Algebra 1, Biology, English1, English 2, and U.S. History (due to STAAR test): Must have an 85 or higher in order to exempt.
  • In Algebra 1, Biology, English1, English 2, And U.S. History: Must make a passing score on the STAAR or end of the year exam and have a 70 or higher to exempt the class.

If you are in a dual credit class you may not be able to exempt your finals; if you are unsure about it see your teacher and double check.

In order to appeal over excused absences, you must have an official doctor’s note with the absence and must have turned in your note to your assistant principal’s secretary within the 3-day period after the absence.

When filling out the application for attendance hardship, remember that it will be approved or denied by the hardship committee, not by your principal.

On this hardship form you will have to include the reason you were absent those days, the reason must be reasonable and serious in order to get the absences excused.

When submitting this form make sure you have documented proof of the excuse which could be the same as the one you gave to the school also include any information that you would want the board to consider.

This application can be denied so make sure you study for exams just in case yours is turned down.

If you are considering applying make sure you meet all of the requirements.

The way absences in the class will work is if you have too many absences in one of your classes but you are okay in the rest of your classes to exempt you will not be exempt in that specific class period.

If you are worried about collage visit days counting against you being able to exempt make sure you follow the rules that Mrs. Nichols gave you where visiting the campus so that those days can be excused for those days.