Ready for the Next Step: College not only option

Saige Klein, Senior Writer

College is becoming an option, not a requirement.

Knowing that it can still be hard to find a stable job with little work experience and especially with no college degree. THS has provided many programs to students that allow them to get a job after graduation without any prior college education, with more on the way.

The Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA) program offers many classes that allow students to get their certification without any degree.

“The medical assisting program, it’s considered the nursing program here, it’s a certified medical assistant, does not require any college,” HOSA teacher Wilma Kiker said. “Our EMT program doesn’t require any college, now you can continue after that and get a higher certification. Even Dental Assisting, you don’t need college for that, the same thing for Pharmacy Tech.”

There are many opportunities for people in the medical field that don’t have the time, nor the money to spend on college.

Besides HOSA, there are many other programs that allow students to get jobs after High School like Welding in the Ag department.

“There are a lot, a lot of them are more trade school opportunities that you can go into and specialize in more like plumbing, electrical jobs, HVAC,” said junior Luke Ward.

Tomball ISD’s recent purchase in BJ services will allow for many new job-training programs to be added, opening up for many new job opportunities. The district is still determining which programs will be added.