Bond approval will bring changes to THS


Natalia Martinez, Senior Writer

Tomball High School, as well as many other TISD schools, will be getting a lot of new upgrades.

These upgrades will open up space and make the school more up to date.

The relocation of Star Academy and the Early Excellence Center will return THS to its original layout. Leaving the upstairs and the next door building as a space for THS classes once again.

“I am relieved, because we need more space for the high school and I am thankful for them because they get their own space that they own.” Assistant Principal Sara Cooley said.

The BJ services building, now called the Innovation Center, will not only hold Star Academy but will also hold many of the CTE programs.

Classroom upgrades will change smart boards to smart panels that will no longer require the use of a projector. These smart panels will calibrate easier to teachers’ computers which will no longer waste class time for the recalibration.

Along with the panels, new charging stations, storage carts, and higher quality mics will be added.

“Technology is always changing,” Librarian Jesse Javillonar said “Being able to refresh our devices would really help with that.”

Libraries will have more customizable equipment, more comfortable seating, flexible learning areas with dedicated carts for laptops/iPads.

Safety enhancements will include the creation of a new safety vestibule at the main entrance of the building. All traffic to come in would route through the front office for a better and more strict entering clearance.

Along with the relocations, a new high school is to be built right near the new stadium on Juergen Road.

Teachers’ will have more time to deepen their connection with students and be able to spend more time on how to help them instead of having a workload of papers to grade.

This also means that students will be able to understand the subject better, which will raise their grades and make it easier for them in the long run.

School buses and the bus barn are all starting to become improved and updated. These buses include the safety seats, radio system, and better ventilation for those hot summer days and cold winter mornings.