Bond election would bring changes to THS


Natalia Martinez, Senior Writer

TISD is holding a bond election on Tuesday that would have a huge impact at THS. 

The bond includes the relocation of Tomball Star Academy and the Early Excellence Academy to new facilities. Those current areas will be renovated and returned to normal THS operations.

Other expansions and renovations will be for fine arts and CTE spaces. These renovations will help ensure that there is high quality education and a greater instructional advancement.

“The upgrades of the fine arts facilities would make us more competitive with newer schools,” choir director Lynn Brewer said. “Our facilities are older so the upgrade would benefit us greatly.”

Safety is also a top priority for the bond. There will be a new safety vestibule at the main entrance of the school that would make those who enter the school get stricter clearance by the front office.

THS will also be getting technological upgrades that are broken down into two areas: instructional and infrastructure technology.

Instructional technology will include:

  • The new version of Smart Boards called Smart Panels that will no longer require a projector.
  • Classroom audio systems that will amplify a teacher’s voice for students to hear instructions more clearly.
  • Additional Chromebooks will be added to make the school a one-to-one campus, where each student will have their own Chromebook in not only core classes but elective classes as well.

“More Chromebooks provide greater educational access to our students, whether it be  Schoology or even eBooks,” Librarian Jesse Javillonar said. “It really establishes us as a 21st century school district.”

Infrastructure technology will include:

  • Upgraded servers, firewall, and network switches to increase the cybersecurity.
  • An investment in district-owned fiber networks to allow for faster WIFI connections. 
  • Staff and student devices refresh. 

“There’s a certain point where the technology doesn’t get supported anymore and they stop updating the Chromebooks,” Javillonar said. “The refresh of the current Chromebooks we have will help solve that problem “

The bond will also include a “multipurpose” facility that will be a full football field in an enclosed facility.

That will allow all athletics and fine arts the ability to practice indoors rather than be in the harsh elements of the summer heat and wet/cold winter. 

The field will have the ability to be sectioned off in “chambers” that will allow multiple groups to simultaneously practice.  It could also be used to hold outdoor events, like field day, if it were to rain or when it is too hot to even step foot outside.

THS will also be able to free up space considering that there is a new high school on the bond. It will provide enrollment relief under THS and TMHS based on the capacity and future capacity the schools could endure.

THS’s history and character will all be honored and respected with this bond. With the passing of the bond, it will restore all spaces and will refresh the facility footprints that will allow students to excel on and off the field.

For more information on the bond election, click here.