Star Academy opens spring enrollment to current freshmen


Lauryn Olivarez, Staff Writer

Tomball Star Academy is offering opportunities for current Freshmen to apply for the Spring semester.

To view the application process, visit the Tomball Star Academy webpage where it details step by step how to apply. It’s a three-part process that includes a general application, the English Language Arts and Reading test, and the Texas Success Initiative essay, and the third and final part of the application process is the Tomball Star Academy agreement.

“It’s [the agreement’s] basically letting students know what they’re committing to when they apply to Tomball Star Academy. We are an early college high school, which is different than the comprehensive high school model,” Star Academy Principal Kelly Marchiando said. “When you graduate from Tomball Star Academy, not only do you earn your high school diploma, but you also earn your associate degree.”

After the first application and agreement deadline, which is coming up soon on Nov. 5, a random lottery will be held on Nov. 8 or 9. Those that are selected will be contacted to schedule a TSI test.