Region Choir participants advance to Pre-Area


Audrey Sapp

Choir members cool down after a long day of auditions at Region.

Ally Osman, Senior Writer

Choir members auditioned at the Region 9 competition last Saturday with 14 of the 22 THS District finalists placing in one of two Region choirs.

After auditions, the singers above a certain rank were placed into either the Mixed Choir or the Treble Choir. Eight students along with one alternate from THS were ranked into the Mixed Choir and six were placed in the Treble Choir.

“Even though we were all competing against each other for a spot there was still a lot of collaboration between the choir members,” said Choir President and Region Choir member Jess Cutrufello. “It really felt like we were going in as a team.”

Treble Choir advancers include Mia Hegar, Martha Johnson, Cassie Matthews, Audrey Pearson, Audrey Sapp, and Sarah Scott.

Mixed Choir participants include Judah Bowles, David Casanova, Naomi Chad, Jess Cutrufello, Sofia Hasib, Sarah Kinzel, Gabby Velazquez, Max Wells, and Ben Prince (alternate).

Those who made Mixed Choir will be advancing to Pre-Area auditions which will be held on Nov. 30 at The Woodlands High School.