Choir prepares for region competition


Jess Cutrufello

Choir participants from THS catch their breath after District auditions.

Ally Osman, Senior Writer

The 22 District Choir finalists from THS will be advancing to the Region 9 auditions at Klein Collins this weekend.

On Saturday, each student will learn a section of a song and perform it in front of a set of judges. Their audition will determine whether they are placed into either the Mixed Treble or Honor Region choirs.

This year will be Choir’s first face-to-face Region competition in two years.

“Last year we had to compete at Region virtually, which was a bit of a struggle for everyone,” Choir President Jess Cutrufello said. “We’re really looking forward to going back to in-person auditions this year.”

Choir has also seen a large increase in advancements to Region this year.

“It’s exciting to see that so many people moved on from District to Region because it’s the most we’ve had in a few years,” Cutrufello said.

After auditions at Region, the top 20 members of each voice part will advance to the next level of Pre-Area auditions.