Students kick off long weekend with half-day on Friday


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Testing will be held on Friday morning for some students at THS.

Lauryn Olivarez, Senior Writer

This Friday is a half-day to kick off a three-day weekend for students.

Students will be in their first-period class from 7:20 to 10:21 a.m. due to Beginning the of Year testing. Any individuals taking Algebra 1, English 2, or US History will be required to take the exam. English 1 and Biology BOY will be administered on October 13th.

After the tests, students will report to sixth period, with sixth and seventh periods lasting about 30 minutes each. Students are released from school at 11:35 a.m., with buses running early as well for those who need them.

The scheduled bus evacuation drill has been postponed.

Students also have next Monday off, due to a teacher in-service day used for meetings and training.