Second round of Fall level changes starts this week


Ally Osman, Staff Writer

Students will be able to request level changes starting this week.

The window to request a level change started Monday and ends Friday. To make a request students can scan the QR code on one of the flyers around school.

Level changes will be available for students who need to drop from an AP, DC, or TAP class to an on level one. At this time, since many classes are full, counselors will not be accepting requests to change into or out of electives.

After filling out the Google Form, which can be found here, the counselors will send an email to the parents of the student to request verification.

“Students should understand that their level drops are not guaranteed,” said Lead Counselor Angela Howell. “If we don’t receive an email from at least one of your legal guardians, we won’t be able to fill your request.”

Before making a level change students are also encouraged to talk to their teacher first to ensure they’re making the decision that will best affect their academics.

This week will be the last opportunity for anyone considering a level change to do so before the end of the semester. The next drop date window is from December 13th to January 7th.