First pep rally of the year: What to know



Yell leaders will help guide the cheers at the pep rally.

Sydney Thomas-Arnold, Staff Writer

Pep rallies are now back at Tomball after more than a year of Covid-19 restrictions. Tomorrow is our first pep rally of the year. The theme is western, and It will be held in the competition gym.

Here is some important information to know regarding the upcoming pep rally, especially for our freshman and sophomores who haven’t been able to attend one.

The pep rally will start directly after second period and will last around 48 minutes. To make time for the pep rally, each class will be a few minutes shorter. You will still be attending all classes on the day of the pep rally in the order that you normally would.

Full pep rally bell schedule:

  • 1st period: 7:20-8:04
  • 2nd period: 8:10-8:56
  • PEP RALLY: 8:56-9:44
  • 3rd period: 9:50-10:34
  • 4th period: 10:40-11:25
  • 5th period: A lunch 11:25-11:55, B lunch 11:55-12:25, C lunch 12:25-12:55
  • 6th period: 1:01-1:45
  • 7th period: 1:51-2:35

Students will hear the drum line in the hallways to signal the start of the pep rally. It ends after singing the school song.

Tomball pep rallies are a fun way to show school spirit as the school prepares for its first home football game. The volleyball team will also be recognized. Together as a school, students will sing the school fight song and have a spirit competition between the grades. There will be fun performances as well, and much more.