New year brings renewed focus on dress code, tardies, IDs


Courtesy of Yearbook

Members of the yell leaders have fun before the annual Patriotic Show.

Staff Reports

With things slowly returning to normal, expect dress code enforcement to also be back to normal.

Last year, many male students had quite a bit of facial hair growing under those masks. This year, the expectation is for all males to be clean shaven, and to keep hair length in
dress code as well.

The school also will be checking to make sure outfits are in dress code, so even if the weather is pretty hot outside, be mindful of how you dress.

Another rule that will remain in place is the tardy policy. If you’re late to class, you’ll need to get a tardy slip from your AP or front desk to get into class if you don’t have a pass from a teacher. Tardies can also impact your exam exemptions in the spring, so be mindful of how many tardies you get.

Violations of dress code or too many tardies can land you in ISS for a day. That can also impact exam exemptions.

As before, students are not allowed to have food delivered to the school. Delivery drivers will be turned away, and you’ll lose the money you spent on the food.

Also, it’s important that students wear their IDs on lanyards each day. These are used on campus to pay for lunches or ride a bus as well. If you don’t have an ID, see Mr. Vierkant during your lunch.

Don’t miss photo day! In addition to being used for next year’s ID cards, these photos are used for the yearbook.

If you have any questions, ask any assistant principal. You’ll see them in the hallways between periods, and in the cafeteria at lunch.