UIL team successful at district competition, multiple students advance


Newspaper Staff

Academic UIL Journalism team at the District competition

Jenna Jaffray, Editor-in-Chief

The Academic UIL had their District competition over the weekend and many competing students advanced to Regionals. In order to advance, students had to place in the top three in their event.

Regionals will be held on April 16-17 at Klein Collins. Due to the pandemic, teams are unable to stay in hotels, so the competition cannot be held at Baylor. They will be holding Regional “pods,” where advancing students from 2-3 nearby districts will meet to compete.

Individual placements include:

Current Events –

1st place: Nate Breaux

5th place: Eric Zalcman

2nd place team

Computer Science – 

4th place: Pranav Yedavelli

3rd place team

Computer Apps –

4th place: Pranav Yedavelli

5th place: Carson Ritchey

Informative Speaking –

2nd place: Eric Zalcman

3rd place: Madisen McArthur

5th place: Katherine Pitcher

LD Debate –

1st place: Catherine Walker

Lit Crit –

4th place: Eric Zalcman

News Writing –

1st place: Jenna Jaffray

Editorial Writing –

5th place: Linda Trevino

Poetry –

3rd place: Mia McClosky

5th place: Victoria Eilent

Ready Writing – 

1st place: Eric Zalcman

Social Studies –

3rd place: Nate Breaux