Artists bring in wins at Rodeo

Lucas Botello, Senior Writer

Artwork by Mia Holberg (Mia Holberg)
Artwork by Sarai Soto. (Sarai Soto)
Artwork by Sean Green.
Artwork by Sophia DeMan.

Tomball students show their talent with art and won awards at the 2021 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Students Sarai Soto, Sean Green, Sophia DeMan, and Mia Holberg were 4 students that won awards for their art pieces.

Sarai Soto won the Best of the Show for 3-Dimensional Art. She made a sculpture of a Longhorn skull.

“It felt surprising because I wasn’t expecting it to win,” said Sarai Soto.

Sean Green won a Gold Medal for a Monochromatic Drawing. His art was a drawing of a person wearing heavy gloves making horseshoes.

Sophia DeMan won Special Merit for a Monochromatic Drawing. Her drawing was of a cow in a field next to a tree and some shrubs with it’s tongue sticking out giving the image a whimsical and wholesome feeling.

“I was a bit shocked, I knew it had moved on but I didn’t know it was selected out of four. It is kind of my first drawing of that sort,” said Sophia DeMan.

Mia Holberg won Special Merit for her Painting.

This is a major accomplishment for all the winning students, especially in the wake of COVID-19.