Course Selection Day set for Tuesday


Newspaper staff

Course Registration is continuing today and tomorrow.

Lucas Botello, Senior Writer

Students will build their schedules for next year tomorrow. All current 9-11th grade students be given a course selection sheet along with list of other available courses.

Each teacher will talk about the next course in their sequence. For example, if a 9th grader is taking World Geography, the teacher will talk about World History.

Along with the classes there are different levels for the courses. There are level courses that do not receive weighted GPA points. TAP, which are more rigorous and receive 15 weighted GPA points. Dual Credit (DC), which allows high school students to receive high school and college credit at the same time, also have the 15 weighted GPA points.

Last but not least is Advanced Placement (AP) courses, very rigorous courses that allow students to possibly earn college credit depending on how well they do on their AP exams. AP courses also come with the 15 weighted GPA points.

When looking at the course offering sheet, look for courses you may need to retake or courses that are required that you haven’t taken yet.

If changes need to be made, draw a line through the course that needs to be changed and write the new course and the course number in. remember to include two alternative courses on the sheet.

To be classified as a Sophomores, students will be required to have 6 credits, Juniors will be required to have 12 credits, and Seniors will be required to have 18 credits by August of 2021. Credits are earned by having a 70 in each semester of each class period.

At the end of the day, give your sheet to your 7th period teacher.