Students need to check in on online courses


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Classes have resumed online using Google Classroom.

Abi Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief

With the beginning of online classes and slow introduction of school work, it’s important to remember that while classes aren’t at specific times students are still required to complete assignments.

The hours logged online are state-required and mandated, so it’s important that all students check in. Also, this is another way for the school to check on the welfare of the students. Teachers will be reaching out today to students who have not yet checked in.

If students are having technical difficulties or do not have a home computer or wifi please use your phone to email teachers. The school district is still working on a plan to get students access to Chromebooks to do school work, but need to know how many students need one.

To those who do have devices, be sure to log on to Google Classroom and check for assignments. Also, be sure to check Remind for any updates from your teachers.