Spring Creek Growers looking for seasonal help


Spring Creek Growers photo

Spring Creek Growers is looking for holiday helpers.

Abi Baldwin, Editor-in-Cheif

With the holidays just around the corner, people all over Tomball are flocking to get there Christmas trees from the Spring Creek Growers. It’s a great opportunity for work experience and reasonable pay for the holidays.

In the past, the farm has produced vegetables, watermelons, turkeys, and cattle. Today, they grow and harvest approximately 20 acres of Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress trees for the Christmas season.  They hire high school students to help manage the farm during the busy holiday season.  Teens can work in the gift shop, bakery, or outside for cutting, trimming, and packaging the trees.

“It’s hard work,” senior Brendan Zullo said. “I wouldn’t suggest anyone doing it if they didn’t want to get their hands dirty.”

Spring Creek Growers year-long growing started in about 2004. The family running it, the Michel’s, have been growing for four generations. The original farm, bought the farm in 1921, was run by Elizabeth and Fritz Michel.

“It’s been around here for generations,”   junior Maddie Schlundt said. “It’s a fun experience to go and cut down your own tree.”

This tree season ends on Christmas Eve, for more hiring information check out their website at https://springcreekgrowers.com/employment/.