DeCoste named Ping Pong Champion


Courtesy of Ping Pong Club

Jay DeCoste with Ping Pong trophy.

Jenna Jaffray, News Editor

Jay DeCoste won the teacher’s Ping Pong Tournament held yesterday.

In an intense championship game again fellow teacher Jonathon Taylor, Decoste came out on top. He bested his former tennis coach to win the title of Ping Pong Champion.

He gets to display his prize, the Ping Pong Trophy, in his room until the next Teacher Tournament, so anyone that goes into his room will know he is the Champion.

Many teachers such as Matthew Grayshon, Nicholas Kwiatkowski, and Markaela Van Putten also competed.

The Ping Pong Club will hold another teacher tournament next semester, and will have a rematch of the championship game.