Cougar Corner: Seniors approaching key deadlines


Jennifer Rodrigez, Senior Writer

As seniors start their application process there are many deadlines and paperwork they need to keep up with.

“It is very important for seniors to know the different due dates and requirements for the colleges they want to apply.” College Counselor Emily Nichols said. “The worst thing that could happen to a senior is not being able to go to college because they weren’t keeping up with dates.”

Most colleges in Texas have application deadlines on Dec. 1st, however, each school is different. Visit each college’s website to see their different requirements particular to the school.

If you are planning to apply for financial aid, you can start creating your FSA ID and your parent’s at; on Oct 1st the applications begin. There is going to be a Financial Aid Night on Oct 23 at 6:00p.m. in the LGI. There is going to be another presentation on Oct. during Cougar Block for those who can’t make it.

If you haven’t taken the SAT or ACT, there is still time to take one, but you have to hurry up. You can apply for a Fee Waiver if you qualify. The application process can get expensive, there are many Fee Waivers available if anyone needs it.

“Helpful scholarship websites and SAT prep material are posted outside of my office,” Nichols said. “If anyone has any questions feel free to come to Cougar Corner to ask me.” Nichols will also be meeting with Seniors the second week of Sep. during English class to address more issues.