Snap&Read useful – and free – tool for students


Abi Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief

With the year quickly approaching the end it’s that time of year where projects and writing assignments greatly overway tests and homework in class. Snap&Read is a resource that all students have access to, all have an account and can login easily but a majority of students have no idea they have it.

Snap&Read is an easy to use tool that makes finding and citing sources a breeze on paper. There’s multiple tools and options, including re-wording to make passages more understandable, read allowed, or even switch the language.

‘It’s a pretty neat tool, I had to sit through training to learn how to use it but none of the students know about it,” teacher Markayla Van Putten said.

To use this app students have to go to and login with their student ID, or simply use the sign in with gmail option. Once logged in, the tool is added to the window and automatically pops up on the side of the screen.

After that the quick tutorial shows the uses of the tool as well as explains where to find more help if needed.

“Overall it’s a very useful app, the only problem is that it doesn’t read science but not everyone needs to write research papers on oncogenic pathways and how they affect operons,” Van Putten said.